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This program is for career-focused men & helps them break free from unfit, overweight, and declining bodies through the Active Life Principles. 


We rejuvenate mobility, strength, and vitality, addressing injuries and unhealthy habits, sculpting a versatile and energetic physique for all daily activities. Say goodbye to extreme workouts and injury aggravation with the ACTIVE LIFE SYSTEM. 


If you’re grappling with start-stop exercise routines due to nagging injuries like back, knee, or hip pain, HP-Fitness is your solution. Overcome inconsistency and time constraints with our tailored approach. Regain confidence in safe, effective exercise. 


Bid farewell to the start-stop cycle and embrace a consistent, pain-free, and active lifestyle. 



Pillar #1 Training

At High Performance Fitness, we pride ourselves on professional support and tailored structure. Your plan is based around your injury, & the moments that are best for you.  


We build up strength slowly where it’s needed and push the barrier where we can safely and progressively do so to get you back to feeling fit, strong, and lean again. With our tailored coaching, we allow for personalisation at every level; you won’t find generic workouts here. 


We value improving performance and measuring our progress along the way.


Pillar #2 Nutrition

At High Performance Fitness, we believe that we cannot out-train a bad diet. If we truly want to get the most out of our bodies and be as active and energetic as possible, we need to prioritize good nutrition. Nutrition should be sustainable, fit our busy lifestyles, and require just a little extra thought and planning.


Many people we speak to have tried countless diets and failed at all of them. The problem is not the diet itself, but rather its unsustainability. That’s why each client works one-on-one with a coach at our facility to create a nutritional plan based around their unique lifestyle. We make it a clear, easy-to-follow system for you, ensuring that your nutrition plan seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.


In addition to enhancing performance, our nutrition approach also helps reduce pain and restore the body. We believe in fueling your body to perform, increasing recovery, building muscle, and dropping body fat. And you certainly don’t achieve that by eating like a sparrow.

Pillar #3 Accountability

How often have we briefly started up our fitness again only to abandon it shortly after because of pain, frustration or uncertainties ? The cornerstone of a successful transformation, in our view, lies in accountability and slow consistency to our goals.


If you miss a session or fail to uphold your commitments, we follow up to keep you on track. Additionally, we conduct weekly progress assessments to ensure you’re consistently moving towards your goals.


Beyond mere guidance, we also address injuries, alleviate pain, and prevent aggravation of existing conditions. Our aim is to help you adjust and navigate obstacles, facilitating the establishment of a healthy and active routine that builds long-term success.







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